Benedek Fliegauf (born 15 August 1974, Budapest ? Hungary), is a Hungarian film director. As founder of the ?Raptors collective?, he is also involved in sound design and set design. Living in Budapest he is a leading figure of the new generation of Hungarian filmmakers.

I first came across Benedek while searching for new interesting Hungarian filmmakers. He has stated that Béla Tarr and Roy Anderson are among his influences, and I certainly see that in his work. I first started with his short The Line. Its brooding, metaphysical nature completely won me over. I then watched his feature film Dealer, which avoids all Hollywood clitches about drugs. It is a film that deals with the daily events of a drug dealer, but without making any comment on the morality of his job. Benedek works as his own sound designer and composer. The atmosphere he creates perfectly ties the images to the emotional content of the film. I consider Dealer one of my favorite films. Amongst his other films, there are documentaries (mainly dealing with the topic of death), his Dogme-style first feature film Forest, and his episodic Milky Way (which is a dialog-less film in which each scene is a single long take shot from a static camera position).


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