The University of Theatre and Film is one of its kind in Hungary. It is the only institution that gives BA and MA degrees to the future creative artists of theatre, film and television. Thus it strives at creating conditions and programs that favor quality above all else and can secure the highest possible standards.

Exam works by students often receive awards at international festivals. The most important indicator of the achievements is that the graduates of the University belong in the frontline of their artistic fields. The majority of nationally and internationally awarded theatre, film and television professionals received their education at this University.

Today, the University of Theatre and Film is one of Europe?s most versatile institutions, providing quality education of the highest standards. The University has been able to keep its appeal and its quality and value centered approach even at the time when market relations have appeared in the artistic life and education as well. The number of applicants hasn?t dropped. Year after year we get 20 times more applications than we can accept. The number of those with preliminary training has also increased and with it the number of paying students studying for their second degrees.

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